BYOD and Digital Learning 2016

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In 2016, Darfield High School will be continuing to offer a range of digital learning options:

What a Blended Digital Class might look like...

  • All students have the opportunity to BYOD (bring their own devices) these include Laptops, Tablets, ipods, smartphones music players and cameras.

  • Students can connect to and use the school internet connection on all devices. See below for BYOD guidelines and process.

  • Year 7 and Year 8 Classes. All classes will be using a 'blended' approach: utilising the best tool for the job. Most classes will be fully BYOD and others will have school provided devices to use while at school.

  • Year 9: The composition of the classes based will be based on a mix of academic and pastoral factors to best meet the learning needs of the students. Although there will be no specific BYOD classes students are still able to bring their devices to school and digital tools will be used as part of the learning in many classes.

  • To enable all students access to digital learning we will continue to provide portable trolleys of net books that teachers can book for student use. We also have two computer labs and a specialist research classroom as part of our library facilities.

BYOD Guidelines and Process

All students are welcome to bring a device to use at school or on school activities to help improve education.
There are guidelines for their use which form part of the Digital Citizenship Agreement signed by all staff and students:

Digital Learning Is...